Looking for a project or house in the sun ?

(New we can even help you with Smart key Management on the Costa Blanca ) 


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We offer a very interesting mortgage condition

                                                  We are priviliged partner of banco SABADELL and can help you with your finances.

Looking for Luxury homes

Our Top Offers include exclusive classic residences, luxury appartments in Spain, modern and historical, timeless architectural treasures.  Our network"s experienced real estate professionals deal with the brokering of luxery homes after having gone through our specific RE/MAX Collection training programme.  This ensures that our clients receive the level of service one would expect from a premium, high-end real estate brand.  An excellent client experience is our brand's priority.

                                           Extra Services:

                                 Property Management Services

Why use a property management company? A competent property manager can protect your property and add value to your investment.

Real estate investors the world over will agree that a good property management company offering a comprehensive property management service is worth their weight in gold.

Possibly two of the most crucial elements to the success of a buy-to-let investment is the way the property is managed and the caliber of tenants that take occupancy, which is why tenant screening is of paramount importance. A good property management team will screen prospective tenants to ensure the right tenant takes occupancy of the property. The benefits of having the right tenant in the home include being paid on time, less chance of damage to the property and generally fewer issues during the tenancy.

How else does using a property management service benefit you as the owner?

You will have less to stress about - you won't have to deal with emergencies in the middle of the night, don't have to worry about collecting rent, evicting unsavory tenants, rental scams and mounds of paperwork.

More time for yourself - As an investor you can leave the property management to the experts and get on with the other more important revenue-generating activities. Also, you will have more time to spend with family and friends doing the things most important to you.

Freedom - There is no need to live near your buy-to-let properties to avoid a hefty commute. You can live and invest in properties wherever you want, knowing that a team of competent property managers is taking care of business. There is no need to put off holidays or travel in case something happens with a property in your portfolio. With a good property management company looking after your properties, there is no need to even be in the same country.


                                   We can build or reform your house


Building the home of your dreams is a big deal.  For many, it's the culmination of decades of dreaming, hours of planning and years of saving.  Whether you are dreaming of a cottage style home, a log home, a contemporary design, a ranch style or a sprawling farmhouse, we've got you covered.  Our team of highly-skilled craftsman are experts at bringing our client's visions to life.  This commitment to your vision, when combined with our exemplary building standards, results in a home that exceeds your expectations.  At Michael's Homes, we don't want to just build your house, we want to build the dream you'll be proud to call home. 

Many people think building a custom home is beyond their budget or out of their reach.  The truth is, a well-crafted custom home that is built exclusively around your needs can be priced better than an existing home. 


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